Straight Talk and New Technology

In Italy a plan was implement for the installation of base stations for mobile telephony in the municipality of Capannori, this was the title that was given in 2005, an innovative path even then, ahead of its time, had the objective to rule the proliferation of plant at the time of maximum expansion of mobile telephony and the transition from the old GSM / DCS1800 technology, which held up to then essentially telephony services, the new UMTS technology who transmits voice, video and data. Italy is one of the countries with the highest concentration in the world of mobile phones 109.42 per hundred inhabitants with around 64% of them using Straight Talk, and soon it will probably also be, for number of owned tablet. First in Europe and second in the world for the spread of mobile phones in a country where every operator goes on its way with levels of collaboration and convergence year zero. This abnormal distribution and the radical transformation of the mobile phone functionality, now requires a more extensive and widespread network that guarantees not only the voice data and video transmission but that the request and currently widespread. So, Straight Talk set up, to provide the growing number of people with the perfect service.

In the past, there were strong and widespread mobilization against the dangers of pollution from electromagnetic fields, there were many committees, they were active and aggressive and that gave a hard time to the administrations. This widespread attention, and the great difficulties encountered by the various operators to bringing new plants, have certainly produced an extraordinary and positive acceleration of innovation processes that have led to less invasive technologies and striking, that have achieved significant reductions in the emission power and consequently, they reduced and canceled, the risk to people’s health. Straight Talk is one of the companies which listened to the people’s demands.

As Left Ecology Freedom propose to take that path, to update it and above all to achieve what was expected and was unfortunately not done.

Since the legislative references are the same as then, namely: Decree No. 381 of 09/10/1998 Regulations containing rules for determining radio frequency ceilings compatible with human nature, “the Law No. 36 of February 22, 2001 Law” framework on protection from exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields”; the implementing decree in July 2003 “fixing exposure limits, attention and quality targets for the protection of the population from exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields generated at frequencies between 100 kHz and 300 GHz.” And, finally, the Decree n ° 259 -1/8/2003 or “Code of electronic communications”and n° 49 of October 6, 2011, “Framework for radio communications systems” that applies to all telecommunications installations. This law affirms the right and sacrosanct principle of precaution, the right to municipalities to adopt management tools (Municipal Programme) of the plant; stands as a priority the need to minimize public exposure to electromagnetic fields, while ensuring, by obligation national law, an appropriate coverage of services on different territories and, finally, calls on local authorities to promote transparency measures, public information and participation.