Yeshgvul Retail Store

retailstoreWelcome to our retail stores. We have locations in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Austin, Denver and Chicago. You can find our kiosks in any given airport, just look for our booth. We’re conveniently located inside the terminals right after you disembark from the airplane. What sets us apart from the competition is that we carry most major brand name cell phones. All of our phone are refurbished and come with a 2 year limited warranty against defects. Act of god not included, however you can purchase insurance for $5.00/mo. to help pay for any accidental damage. We warrant our phones to be free of defects and they are guaranteed to work on our networks.

In order to activate one of our pre-paid cell phones, simply go to a kiosk and select the phone that you like. You can pay in full or we allow a monthly payment plan (paid off over the course of 2 years). Our technicians then activate the phone right in front of you. The overall time it takes for activation is anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on the congestion of the network and time of year. Around the holidays towards the end of the year is one of the busiest seasons for cell phone companies. So plan to wait an extra 5-10 minutes due to network traffic congestion.

The cost of our services is comparable to such companies as Straight Talk and Cricket Wireless. While we do not offer coupon codes, many people have found success with using authorized Straight Talk working coupons and promo codes. It is unusual for low cost prepaid carriers to offer promotional codes and discounts.

No credit check is required if you prepay for you monthly cell service. You will be sent an email or a voucher in the mail so you can pay via our website or mail in a check or come into one of our stores and pay in person. For those who wish to purchase a cellular phone on credit, that is available too. You must have good credit (above 600 score) in order to qualify for the post-paid plans. Most people qualify and this is a great way to save a ton of money by spreading out the payments over 24 months.

We also offer perks for our users. You will be getting free visual voicemail for a trial period of 3 months. After this, it is just $1.99/mo. to take advantage of visual voicemail.

We offer several data plans to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Here is a list of the plans we offer:

    1. Family plan: You and 4 members of your family can share the same account. Each phone will be given a unique number. Total data allotment is 5 gigabytes per month spread out between 4 phones. We realize that some family members may use more data than others, so as long as the total data is under 5gigs every month, you will not incur any new charges. Total cost for this plan is $59.99/mo.

    2. 10 gig plan: This plan is for heavy data users and will run you 69.99/mo. It is only for one line and one phone. If you watch a lot of movies and Youtube and videos and stream a lot of music, this is the plan for you.

    3. 1 gig plan: This plan is for those who do not use a lot of data. If all you do is use your cell phone to make and receive phone calls and text messages, this is the most economical plan out there. Total cost for this plan is $10/mo.

As you can see, we offer a wide variety of data plans for our users. Each cell phone plan comes with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts and can be used in both Israel and America without incurring any roaming charges. This is truly a revolutionary idea and to our knowledge we are the only company that can offer this kind of service.

New Prepaid Cell Phone Company

A word from the CEO of Yeshgvul Cell Phone Company:

03bits-prepaid-hpMediumHello my friends!

My name is Shlomo and I’m pleased to introduce my new company: Israeli Cell Phone Inc. We are striving to bring low cost, prepaid cell phones to all of America and Israel. Our customers will be able to use the phone in both USA and Israel, without any roaming charges. This is unprecedented in this industry, as with any major cell phone carrier such as Tmobile, Verizon and AT&T, if you roam outside of your given country, you will be inuring roaming charges which can add up to hundreds of dollars every month.

We accomplish this in two parts:

      1. We start off with the Yshgvul cell phone network in Israel. We have rented out the biggest carrier lines for an unprecedented deal every month. We can afford to pass the savings to our customers because they share the cost over the spectrum of the lines we rent every month.

2. We then rent out the Sprint Network in America. This is important because Sprint now has 4gLTE capabilities which allow our users extremely fast data rates.

If you haven’t noticed, there are hundreds of new cell phone companies in America. Such business as Cricket Wireless and FreedomPop offer low cost cell phone coverage to users who for a variety of reasons can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month for the big carriers. They accomplish this much like we do: They rent out networks such as AT&T and Sprint and then pass the savings onto their consumer.

We are unique in the fact that we are a privately held company. A group of investors in both Israel and America came together and wanted to provide low cost cell phone coverage to both countries. We put our heads together and created Yeshgvul.

As of now, you can bring-your-own cell phone to our network. The only limitation is that it must run on the CDMA network. As of now, phones that run on Sprint and AT&T will work on our network. As time goes by, we will look to getting our users onto the Verizon Network. But for now, all 4GLTE cell phones (in short, most any new smartphone) will work on our network.

If you do not have a cell phone, there is no need to worry! We are selling low cost refurbished smart phones. Such phones as the Kyocera, Samsung Galaxy as well as iPhone 5 will be up for sale shortly.

Billing will take place online, as we are committed to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. You will also be able to purchase our phones/service in any major retailer such as Walmart or Target. When in Israel, we have a booth located in the Tel Aviv airport where you can pick up a phone in less than 10 minutes and be on your way!

No more roaming charges, no more high cost cell phone bills!

I wish you the best, my friend.

Shlomo Goldstein
President and CEO
Yeshgvul Cell Phone Company